About George

George Darrah has been playing drums since the age of 6 and is known for his versatility and passion for working in many different musical genres and settings. He first sat in with Donn Carr’s “Swing that Music” at the age of 7 and was gigging professionally by age 12. Throughout high school, he gained a reputation as being a solid and creative big band drummer throughout New England.

By age 13, George was studying with Bill Reynolds who prepared him to win North East Districts in Classical percussion and jazz drum set as well as fine tuned his skills.

George attended the University of Tampa, graduating Cum Laude with a BA in Music and a BA in History. While living in Tampa, he worked with Gwyneth Walker and Samuel Adler. His most notable performances were on the Today Show with Al Roker and Matt Lauer and performing for President Barak Obama.

George lives in the greater Boston area and is available for gigs, recording sessions and teaching. He brings a level of professionalism, seriousness and passion along with musical creativity that is undisputable.


Every student learns differently and has different goals, which is why I approach each student individually and tailor lessons accordingly.

Students will learn:

Rudiments, snare drum reading, efficient hand movements and endurance.
Students will be given recordings of different drummers to listen to. Listening helps students become more musical, gain a better understanding of the instrument as well as improves feel and is essential to learn from great drummers.
Independence between all four limbs, playing all styles of music, reading and soloing ideas.
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Band for hire

Guarantee to provide music for all occasions.
We can provide a range from trio to big band.

Available for:
Corporate Events
Restaurant and Clubs
Country Clubs
Indoor/Outdoor Concerts

We bring youthful energy, professionalism and the finest musicians to the occasion.
Our music ranges from jazz, The Great American Songbook, big band and pop.

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